Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Same-day service

Hello again. Now, don't go thinking this posting every day thing is going to be a dirty habit--I think mainly things are painfully slow at work so I find my mind wandering to other things...Other-blogly things.

So I thought I'd give a little demo on what I do here at Valley Lifestyles, Inc. Those rumors about me working at a health club or being a religious goods store clerk stop today! Here are a few samples of my killer 'design' work. I'm hoping the talent scouts are watching, because this is going to blow them away!

Eh? Whattaya think? I have a future in advertising, no?

Actually, it's really funny what I spend my time doing. Yellow Page ads, money mailers, the occasional business card. Movin' on up...

And for fun, I'm posting a pic of my niece Kara that I think showcases both her personality and my ability to recognize the talent for making awesome faces in just about anyone.

Monday, July 30, 2007

What the blog?

Whoa, check it.

Here I am in the blogosphere, not even sure it's anything like the place I keep hearing about. What the spell check? Turns out blogosphere isn't really a word. So I will nickname it BlogTowne instead. I am the mayor of Blogtowne and my minions dance on command. Wondering who my minions are? Dear reader, if you don't know then I'm not going to tell you.

So welcome. This blog is the culmination of a lot of dreaming and scheming to get my inner thoughts out in the open (I'm usually very secretive but it's a lonely, lonely road) and to share them with you, my adoring fans. In Blogtowne everybody wins--You get to hear what's going on with me and I get to not hear what's going on with you unless I specifically ask for it. Hooray!

I will post a bonus pic of me so y'all can start ripping me off for modeling jobs.

Wait. I don't know how to do that. Stay tuned and I'll learn the internet!