Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Del Doce

Today I ate 12 tacos.
If you ever want me to do something ridiculous, just tell me that I can't. Then sit back and watch while I cause myself physical pain just to prove I can.

I love my job and I love the people I work with. Some of the boys started a club called Del Doce. Thank goodness I speak Spanish so I can translate that for you: It means "of the twelve". More accurately and less literally, it means that you can eat a dozen of Del Taco's finest cat meat tacos. I, my friends, am the first and only female member to join.
I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say that one has to be real hungry to really enjoy anything from Del Taco in the first place, but even intense, ferocious hunger wears off by Taco 8. From there it's just sheer willpower. And the stifling of gag reflexes.

I'd like to thank the following:
Brett, Chris, and Craig--The originals
Matt J. for telling me I couldn't eat more than 6.5
Crystal for staying with me through the dark hours of Taco 10
Del Scorcho...without which I would not make it past the first bite.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

LoveQuest 2008

I think it's high time I did a Dating Review #2 since it's been awhile since I had anything to report.
Winter was never my season. I tend to have success in the summer months, if at all, so I wrap things up before October and settle in for a long, cold winter alone. This season started no differently. I've held numerous electric blanket tryouts, only to find myself shivering in the aftermath. However, things have taken an interesting turn of late...as follows:

Date #1 - The Set-up: My co-worker decides I would get along great with her friend because we're both (and I quote) "young at heart". Oh good--I've long been looking for someone as immature as me. I was warned that we don't share similar religious beliefs, but I agreed to give it a go. She plans the double date and proceeds to begin calling him my boyfriend.
We enjoyed Thai food and various chunky desserts, punctuated with discussions of dental hygiene, his desire to succeed as a Bellman (pronounced BELL-mun), and everyone's love for my co-worker's dog.
Highlights: Did I mention he's very good looking?
He grabbed my head when we hugged goodbye.
A certain talent for blowing yogurt balls with bone-chilling accuracy
Lowlights: I kind of hate the dog
Temple square has never been more full of kissy-face couples
Wrap up: I sort of want him to call and I sort of don't. Pretty sure he won't.

Date #2 - The Mistletoe Avenger: This is one of those guys I've only ever seen at parties, usually dancing and speaking soley in short, flirty phrases. The last time I saw him he kissed a stranger under some mistletoe. At that point he had my number but apparantly didn't find the motivation to call until weeks later. Very nice and gentlemanly, but seemed surprised to find that I have opinions. I usually wait to deliver that little bomb, but I couldn't help it--the definitive statements just kept coming out. That, coupled with extensive talk of Italy (which I don't think either of us found very interesting), made for an awesomely boring me. I think I'm losing any charm I may have thought I had.
Highlights: Getting that huge bed out of the basement
I didn't run into my ex-crush
Overwhelming drowsiness is a blessing sometimes
Lowlights: The awkward moment after he attempted to catch me under his mistletoe and I just said "Heh hehh...yep." and walked away
Fearing I would run into my ex-crush the whole time
Disappointing Spaghetti Vongole
Wrap up: Nice guy. Haven't called him back...for lack of something to say.

Date #3 - That Guy: It took a few instances of me (and a friend) approaching this guy before he took the bait. And by bait I mean phone number. It took a few months before anything materialized. Finally, we go out. He did tell me I have something in my teeth, which sucks but totally scores honesty points. He has mentioned several things that he's not. For example, he's not 'that guy' who does improv and can't shut it off. He's also not 'that guy' who flakes out. Oddly enough, when I describe to other people the event at which we met, they inevitably say "Oooh, that guy."
Highlights: Multiple dates
Electric blanket material
I like how he dresses
Lowlights: ADD
Seems to think I'm his girlfriend and should do girlfriendy things. Doesn't he know I hibernate until, uh, July?
I still really hate New Year's Eve
Wrap up: Enjoyable, yes. Head over heels? Not so fast. I fear he just isn't That Guy, you know what I mean?

Well, there 'tis. I think I shall request that you stop praying for me to get dates and start praying that the end will come soon. Preferably swift and painless, ok?
Bring on Valentine's Day, suckaz!