Monday, December 21, 2009

Twas the week before Christmas...

....and I laid on the beach.

I think I made the right decision.

Monday, December 7, 2009

This post will self destruct in 5 seconds

Shhh...I'm really going to have to sensor myself here, because I work for a very important, top secret company and things I say may destroy you...and our country. But I feel like posting about my typical day here in "sunny" CA, and most of that day is used up by my employer.

5:00 am -- Wake up. What? This is even earlier than my clinically early parents.
5:45 -- Meet up with vanpool. This is a glorified bus and I have a free pass this week! Read scriptures with a head lamp while I eat dry cereal from a bag. Yum.
6:30 -- Arrive at war headquarters and settle in to my 1970s desk and chair. Begin work immediately for fear of being reported by a coworker for checking my email or yawning or something.
9:00 -- Blink. Realize I'm already hungry for lunch.
11:30 -- Decide lunch must happen. Wander downstairs amidst factory workers building jets (yes, literally building jets just yards away from me) and find a cafeteria. Eat. Lament the fact that California still has a winter and I haven't run far enough to escape feelings of coldness.
12:12 -- Back to work! Exactly 42 minutes for lunch or die.
2:00 -- Get slightly mocked by a coworker who points out that once again, I've used the wrong jet image in my layout. Weird that I've been there a week and I don't know that the current model has pointed wing tips instead of straight ones. Hold back sarcastic comments like "In Utah we don't have jets, apologies."
2:15 -- Get caught singing "SAFETY DANCE" by another coworker. He's cool with it.
3:55 -- Freak out at my computer as I'm frantically trying to finish something in time to meet my vanpool.
4:05 -- Approach a disappointment-filled van and apologize for making them late on my first day. Feel like Dagwood in that stupid Blondie comic strip. Feel stupid for even remembering that character's name.
5:50 -- Arrive at home. Eat carrots. Talk on the phone. Do forbidden things on the computer like check email, blog, listen to music.
6:00 -- Wonder if I should be pursuing a social life.
6:01 -- Give up and watch something on Hulu.
9:00 -- Get ready for bed.
9:30 -- Lights out. Rinse and repeat.

It's a formidable schedule. BUT...I get Friday off, so we'll see if it's all worth it.
All that said, things are coming along nicely. I'm getting used to things I can't control, and despite my cynicism, I've been laughing a lot in the last week. When I try to swipe my badge to enter some area I've never been and the gate blocks me anyway--NO CLEARANCE!--I laugh. When I spot the most magnificent, unique mullet I've ever seen--tiny braids that curl under for the top layer, frizzy braid/dreads for the long, straight bottom layer--I laugh. When my coworker tells me a Mormon he knows is a Jack Mormon because he drinks Coke, I laugh. It's a good time.

I will post soon about my weekend. It was top notch!