Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent and a Leap of Faith

It’s that time of year again—My most favorite torturous Catholic tradition that I’m totally not required to do but feel compelled to anyway. It’s Lent!

I’m giving up a lot of things in the next 40 days. Here they are, in order of difficulty from least to most:

1) Candy. I don’t enjoy candy as much as I used to, so it makes me mad that I eat so much of it just because it’s always around. So this is a nice way to make me stop doing that. Not too hard.

2) Picking at my face. Like a stupid, self-mutilating monkey, I pick at my face constantly. I’m sure you all can attest to this. I am determined to break this habit, and I can already tell after only 2 days that this may be my most difficult Lent attempt ever. I am amazed at how much I do it, now that I’m paying attention. It’s such a terrible habit and if I really succeed in breaking it, I just may convert to Catholicism.

3) A trip to Thailand.  Sad cry sad. No, I’m not giving this up on purpose for Lent, but I am giving it up nonetheless. I was planning on going in April but something came up that required me to adjust my travel plans, which is…heartbreaking. I’m starting to think that the Powers That Be do not want me to visit Thailand ever. Maybe if I go there I’ll quickly become seduced into a life of prostitution and woe. Anyway, this is sad news but I made the decision for a good reason…which leads me to my next topic, the GOOD NEWS segment! Ba bada baaaaa…..


Not just a new job, kids: A complete career change. I’m going to be teaching piano for the Winder Academy of Music . Woot! I know you’re thinking I’m the most random person in the world, and you’re probably right. But I’m a big fan of their program and the whole interview process was so fun and exciting and I’ll be involved in music every day and I feel really good about it and I can afford to only work part time if I want. Did you catch that? I will be living in southern California, 2 blocks from the beach, and working part time.
Dream job—Check.

So anyway, I’m still reeling from this development and how quickly it happened. I am a lucky, lucky girl when it comes to jobs, but great employment opportunities always seem follow this pattern for me: 1) Interview for something awesome “on a whim”; 2) Have a great interview where we really click, but still assume I’m totally unqualified and don’t take it seriously; 3) Have another interview/conversation that changes it from a “whim” to an actual possibility; 4) Struggle to start taking it seriously; 5) Get job offer, but under conditions that require major life changes and quickly at that; 6) Spend one long, sleepless night spent making a huge decision; 7) Accept job offer the next day; 7) Run to keep up for the next several months. I’m so happy this is happening but it’s a lot to take in at once. Kinda like when I moved here. And kinda like my quitting school to work in advertising before that. Apparently this is my MO.

Well, huzzah. I am happy and so grateful. I hope it all works out I hope and I can learn how to be a good teacher. In the meantime, this post shall be followed with another one that I’m starting to compile now, entitled “Things I Will Not Miss About My Job.” I already have a list 6 miles long but I’ll give you the condensed version.