Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Awesome Things About Being a Graphic Designer

  1. Everyone says "cool" when I tell them what I do. Like I'm an astronaut. This makes me feel good, but also slightly deceptive, considering that I spend a LOT of my time on boring, non-creative layout and at most have maybe 2 creative pieces to my credit. Cool.
  2. I can wear baggy clothes and lots of eyeliner and...people chalk it up to being artsy.
  3. I draw pictures all day.
  4. I understand some of the jokes Pam and her art school friends make on The Office...and I laugh heartily just to prove it.
  5. At work I am continually referred to as a Creative. 'Creative' is a noun here.
  6. People request random things all the time--like an invitation to a daughter's baptism. And when asked if they have any ideas about how it should look, they may toss in some helpful hints like "You know, white...some sort of frilly stuff...maybe a 3-D dove or something..." So then I laugh and say "sweet"...and then I realize they aren't joking. WHAT? A 3-D dove? Seriously?
  7. I pretty much get to exhibit the full range of emotions and temperamental behavior...people chalk it up to being artsy.
  8. I don't get in trouble at work for searching Google images or watching YouTube--it's creative research.
  9. I hear this phrase at least 5 times a day: "I'm no artist, but..." (Usually said before delivering an opinion on something I've created.)
  10. I work with some awesomely quirky people. I am becoming quirky-er every day because of it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eddy Utah

Eddy is going to be a famous model.
Libby and I are entering these photos, and I swear if he doesn't win I'll...quit life.